Aircraft Lease

Holiday Air can deliver transport category aircraft and excutive jets for your use to almost anywhere in the world. Leasing an aircraft allows companies financial flexibility and the ability to maintain profitable margins of operation. Whether adding an extra aircraft to the fleet to match increased passanger/ cargo loads or covering a slot left open by an aircraft down for maintenence or simply seeking short term relief during a heavy travel season, Holiday Air has the lease for you. Holiday Air will work with you to match your company with the desiered airfraft make model and the best posible lease term options. Our focus is on quiality an Price. We will set you up whith a well maintained arircraft that will meet worldwide airworthiness standard, and provide reliable, low cost service for the duration of you lease. Lease terms can range from a fes months to several years. Lease terms allows your company the flexiblity required to continue normal operations or respond to abnormal requirements. Purchase options can be arranged in the event that the aircraft you lease matches the long term need or your operation. Holiday Air can provide you with insights and recommendation on the various lease terms and leasing options avilable and your disposal. Once a lease is approved, Holiday Air Will walk you through all the procedures for setting up the operation up to an includen the delivery flight. Sumbait a service reques form by pressing the button belows o Call us today

Airline Charter

Holiday Air can arrenge airline charter flights to almost any destinantion in the world on a contracts basis. Holiday Air can arrange charter airline operations for passenger and/or cargo operations through it´s many affiliates for your worldwide use. Holiday Air will match your needs with an wirworthy aircraft certified for the porposed operation at the best posible Price. We specializein arranging charter flights using large transport aircraft, such as the Boing 767, for single or multiple operations charters flights give companies unlimited flexibility vecause flights are not made on a contract basis, charter flights are complete don demand and can be arranged on short notice. They can be used to cover empty slots left by aircraft requiring unscheduled maintenace, fill short term contracts with tour operators, etc. Further, charter flights do not require you, or you company to have any kind of operating cerficate, AOCs will ve held by the charter operator. Flights provide an alternative to lease or ACMI contracts and can be used to make a quick profit on operations that would otherwise not ve completed. Holiday Air will work with your company to choose the veste aircraft for the proposed flights, includen choosing the best seating configurations and meal service for the same. We will work hard to settle on the best posible Price and options avaible for the proposed charter operation. Submit a Service request form by pressing the button below or Call us today.

ACMI Operations

Holiday Air will provide you with the Aircraft, Crew, Maintenace and insurance for your use. An ACMI operation is basically a lease contract that includes the aircraft, crew maintenance and the insurance (ACMI) all charged under a set rate per block hour of aircraft operation. Leasing an aircraft under an ACMI agreement relieves companies of the usual hassless and delays involving flight crew, cabin crew and maintenance crew training and certification. It allows comanies to quickly pleace a new aircraft operation under their operating certificate for comercial use. Holiday Air will work wht your company to establish the best posible Price and lease term options available for the proposed ACMI operation. Holiday Air will deliver the aircfraft along with the required crew members (flight, cabin and ground) for rapid certification and the commencement of flight operations. ACMI operations require a minimun amount of flihgt hours per month, holiday Air will help you analyze your proposed operation and work aout an ACMI lease agreement that matches the monthly usage expected. ACMI lease terms can range from a few month to several years. ACMI lease terms allow your company the flexiblitity required to rapidly begin or continue flight operations and/or respond to the abnormal requeriments during special contracts or the various holiday seasons. Holiday Air can provide you with insights and recommendations on the various ACMI lease terms and options available at your disposal. Submit a Service request form by pressing the button below or call us today.

Aviation Consulting

Holiday Air can analyze your proposed operation and provide recomendations on the type or Aircraft to use. We also manage the certification Project. Holiday Air aviation consulting team can guide your company through the critical decisions involving the start or expansión of comercial operations. Whether starting an airline, entering new markets, changing aircraft or seeking knowleageable advice, Holiday Air consulting can provide critical industyr onformation and comprehensive recommendations that will allow you and your company to make informed decisions. Holiday Air consulting can also handle the cerification process and aquire the Air Carrier Operating Certificates (AOCs) required to get your operation airborne. Holiday Air can complete the certification process with teh FAA, CAA, JAA or the aviation authority in the proposed región of operation.. We are experienced in the certification process requiered for operations in exotics locations like africa, Asia, and Western Europe. Holiday Air consulting can analyze your operation and provide you with critical information required when choosing the proper aricraft for your operation. At the same time, Holiday Air can assamble lists of aircraft available for sale or table success of your operation is our number one priority, submit a Service reques form by prossing the button below or call us today.

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